3 Tasks All Job Seekers Need To Do To Their Social Media Profiles

Don’t get caught off guard, follow these tips to avoid being eliminated from a job because of your social media information.

As you are about to set out for your first round of interviews, make sure that your online persona doesn’t reveal an unflattering version of yourself. My worksheet and book, Wired For Coding, covers everything that new computer science student should do before graduating.

Here are the top three tasks to do before sending out your first resume.

1. Review the past year’s worth of posts on each social media platform.

Scroll down at least five pages worth of tweets, Facebook posts, Youtube videos, and any other platforms you frequently use. Take a few minutes and read the content, delete or hide anything that might be considered offensive, misleading, or that could be taken out of context.

And, don’t forget to see what photos you are tagged in as well, who knows what your friends have posted.

2. Complete your LinkedIn profile.

There is a “percentage complete” bar that appears in the right-hand column when you edit your profile, make sure it is at 100%.

LinkedIn is a free way to brag about your accomplishments, go ahead and max out everything that you have done. Add school projects, side projects, links to your blog, add the clubs or associations you are members of, and any certifications you have received.

3. Google your name using all possible variations.

Even though you cannot control what comes back from a Google search, you can at least be informed and prepared to talk about what is revealed. If there is someone else with your same name that dominates the top few pages of results, consider adding your middle initial or middle name to your resume to help drive prospective employers to the correct version of you.

I cover many more items and have a complete workbook available in my book Wired For Coding.

My book, Wired For Coding, covers this and many more topics that every computer science students needs to know before they graduate with a degree.

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