Wired for Coding

So, what does it take to land your first job as a developer? I’m glad you asked.

In this book, you will find a blueprint that will guide you from computer science major to full-time developer. Step-by-step, you will do the things that no one else is doing to set yourself apart and become a front-runner for any development job in the world. From forking in GitHub to crafting a remarkable personal brand, you will be ready to be a rockstar coder from day one. And the best part is, your prospective employers will see that, too.

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Things that You will Learn from Wired for Coding

Students need to set themselves apart from the crowd if they want to write their own job offer. There are a tremendous amount of developer jobs available today, but all jobs are not created equal. You will learn how to get your dream job.

Work Portfolio

Develop a work portfolio of your experience using a custom website, open-source projects, code repository, and local projects.

Build Experience

The importance of having real-world experience, finding projects, selecting the right projects, and leveraging them in an interview.

Importance of Internships

Learn the specific skills and programming languages that are in use in your area to jump start your career.

Alternative Learning

Leveraging a local code boot camp or code school to augment your experience in as little as twelve weeks.

Interview and Resume Tactics

Understanding the importance of how to represent your experience during an interview and on your resume.

Landing and Acing Your Interview

Tips and guidance on how to get the job interview you desire, and how to land the job you want. Don't leave it to chance.

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Wired for Coding

This is the one book that every college student should read their first year.

I have interviewed a lot of college students over the years and they all blend together, almost immediately. With so many kids going into computer science fields these days, you need to setup yourself apart from the pack as soon as possible, otherwise you may end up sitting in a cubical doing a job that you absolutely hate. This video covers a quick overview of my six key principles that every college student needs to do before they submit their first resume.

Do you want just any job? Or would you like to pick which business hires you after graduation?

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Wired for Coding Career Blog

A complete blog dedicated to you and your career as a developer. Learn valuable information as you go from a computer science degree into a full-time career as a developer.

Top 3 Things To Do After a Job Interview

Interviewing is a critical step in your career planning, take every advantage you can to show a great first impression.

Top Five Places To Find A Job

Don’t rely on job boards and career centers to learn about the open jobs, take hold of your career search.

3 Tasks All Job Seekers Need To Do To Their Social Media Profiles

Don’t get caught off guard, follow these tips to avoid being eliminated from a job because of your social media information.

Ten Topics To Write About On Your Blog

It can be challenging to come up with blog posts, these tips will help keep your site active.

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Are you ready to learn the secrets to landing your first developer job? Do you want to pick which business makes you a job offer after graduation? Wired for Coding is the your first step to writing your own job offer. Wired for Coding is available today through Amazon in eBook and paperwork formats.

A Message from the Author

I wrote this book specifically for students in college who want to begin a career as a software engineer, developer, coder, code ninja, or whatever you want to call yourself.

Graduating with a computer science degree does not automatically translate into you being a developer. That will come, but it will not be automatic, despite what your college adviser might have told you when you selected your degree.

As someone who teaches developers and runs a business that hires all levels of developers, I know a few things about what employers are looking for in new employees. Plus, I have over twenty years of experience with developers. And I always say, don’t just learn to code - learn to become a developer.

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