Ten Topics To Write About On Your Blog

It can be challenging to come up with blog posts, these tips will help keep your site active.

All developers should have a personal website and blog to demonstrate their portfolio and build a personal brand. You may be thinking blogs and websites are a thing of the past, and your brand is built around social media profiles. But blogging is a still very popular and allows you to create a brand and image that you want future employers associate with you.

Ten easy topics to write about on your blog:

1. A class project that you are working on in school.

2. A challenging bug that you found and how you resolved it.

3. A new technology that you just found, even if it is only new to you.

4. A project or technology that you are following.

5. A side project that you are working on for fun.

6. A new business idea you have, even if you never plan on pursuing it yourself.

7. Write a book review.

8. Write a test suite for a code library or class project.

9. Write a review of a new open-source library or tool set.

10. Write an opinion you have about a technology policy or upcoming change.

Writing and maintaining a blog is not very difficult at all, and it will set you apart from the crowd. Start one today or revitalize the one you started years ago.

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